Friday, 2 February 2018

Boom and we are here again!

Long time no see!

I had all but given up on poker ... a couple of journeys into Leicester Grosvenor saw a little cash profit ... and internet poker is all but dead to me.

Anyway ... tonight .. probably 3 years after proper poker, a small pub game against a few players, who have also played in the glory years, sprung up and invited me along.

A quiet bar, a fold out felt, a new pack of cards and a set of chips (not with numbers on them .. you had to remember the values by the colour .. old school).

Game on ... £10 buy in ... 7 players .. £40, £20, £10.

Playing it tight ... sussing out the opposition .. 2 players take themselves out.

It all comes flooding back .. "use your image" a little voice says .. I make a couple of moves but get flushed out.

Back into my poker shell ... until there are 3 left with me a short stack.

A couple of pushes see me double up and then ... WHAM .. before I know it I am chip lead heads up.

I min raise @ 1200/2400 in the SB with QTc. he re raised all in with about 8,500 but I had him covered and called.

He turns over J9os and the board comes no help ... I win 40 Quid but no friends .. ha aha.

However the old buzz was still there.

The "I have played this game for years, of course they can't beat me" thoughts came out.

It is a game of skill no matter what anyone says.

Thank you Poker for the ups and downs and for tonight to renew my energy to the game.

Who knows .. perhaps I might bore you with more posts.

Until then

Keep it tight!

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