Sunday, 24 August 2008

9 months of free time over!!!

Well my 9 months of leisure are over. A colleague from the past called me up and made me a business offer I could not refuse. So 3 weeks ago I started work in London again.

The time I had free didn't exactly pan out the way I wanted. The idea was to play lots of poker, do lots of poker study and really try to improve my game ... oh and get some sailing in! What happened in reality was that I had time to address the chores life has to throw at you. I spent most of the time decorating and what time and energy was left unfortunately didn't get channeled into my poker. In fact I seemed to lose interest a little for my poker.

In my mind there were two reasons for this:

1. I was tired and not in the right frame of mind for poker.
2. I am struggling to make a profit this year at the game.

Now either every one on line has gotten much better at the game in recent years or I am in a bad run. I am still $500 in front of last years results but I had a strong finish last year, which going on current performance I am not going to acheive this year.

I do feel that I am not winning my fair share of 60 - 40's or 70 - 30's, but it is so easy to say I am being unlucky, when perhaps last year I was just luckier. Or is it that at the levels I am currently playing a 5% profit on investment is all you can expect from the game.

Anyway strangely enough, now I am working again, I seem to have gotten my passion back for the game and I am playing more than when I had all my time available. I can't wait to end my day, get back to the hotel and fire up my laptop. In addition my profits are slightly up from previous months (is this due to frame of mind?) So now I intend to do that work on my poker game whilst I have no other distractions in the evenings. I'll keep you posted on how I get on.

For now I will leave you with a couple of pictures from my holiday sailing on the east coast ... now this is a passion!

Keep it Tight

Bradwell Marina.

The lock at Heybridge Basin

On the Water.