Thursday, 4 November 2010

PartyPoker.FR Leaderboard Pays Off

Not a big pay off but a nice little bonus.

I finished 56th in the monthly tournament leaderboard for a 35 euro bonus ...

... and for finishing in the weekly leaderboard I again got to play in the weekly leaderboard 250 euro freeroll.

Despite doubling up early with JJ against 3 opponents and then losing most of my stack KK against AA, I managed to manouver my way to the final table as the short stack.

From there on in I was never going to win it but I did manage to push and fold my way to 4th place for another 25 euro.

So how many sit and goes did I have to play to get to this position?

A measly 503 SnG's in the month...

... I don't think I can play any more than that with the time I have ...

... but I will try!!!

Until next time

Keep it Tight!