Saturday, 2 April 2011

Quick Update

Not a lot on the poker front to talk about as unfortunately real life has taken over. Between working solidly for the last 2 weeks (with a third to come) and personal and family issues not much time is left for quality poker.

So consequently I have parked my PartyPoker.Fr account at about 1,600 euro's and am playing on small stakes tables to clear a multitude of free bonuses has inundated me with.

So here is the lesson:

I still love the game and still want to play whenever I can. I know that when I play I am not 100% focused or am playing tired. So when I play I am better playing at the lower buy in's than before where I can't do my bank roll any serious damage. I am also clearing bonuses which might make up for the edge I am losing.

Don't let pride get in the way of playing at smaller stakes if the conditions to play well are not right.

The main thing is that you play.

Another thing I am doing is investing in more poker literature so when I am unable to play I still can get a poker fix and hopefully improve my game.

So until there is something more to show on the poker front.

I'll sign off ....

Keep it Tight!