Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Just missed out on cash in pacific $10K Guaranteed

A galling 68th out of 418 when the tourney only paid to 64th.

Managed to double up early with KK against a player who just went all in every hand (strange tactics but each to his own). Needless to say he didn't last long.

Then won a reasonable pot with a set of nines.

That was with about 200 left in so still had a long way to go.

I then went completely dry on the card front and fell into the trap of thinking I would make the bubble and then hope to get lucky. It was too late by the time I realised I wasn't going to make the money and went out with a weak ace against pocket nines.

Oh well try, try again!

Until next time

Keep it tight!

Back fresh from my holiday

The Chateau

What a joy to be back from holiday .... NOT!!!

We went to the Charente in the SW of France ... what a beautiful place.

View over the villiage

We went via Ryanair, which despite bad press, I have always found to be excellent value. This flight cost us just £30 pounds each return to Limoges Airport. What a bargain ... even with 30 minutes delay going out!!
The only down side was that we hired a car from Alamo which was going to be 200 euro for the 6 days. However when we got there they had no cars and so had to get one from Avis at 400 euro. How much ?????? @*&# I could buy one for that!!! So it is going to be lots of letter writing and a headache no doubt to get the difference back from Alamo.

So despite that hiccup driving in France is quite a different experience to the UK. In fact it is great ... open roads ... no traffic ... no cameras ... makes you actually want to drive.

Anyway we visited many different small villages ... drank lots of cheap French wine ... and stopped in a B&B that was actually run by a couple that had done the renovation with the Homes in the Sun TV programme.

Absolutely gorgeous.
Having got back home I have vowed to play some more qualifiers.

I still have about $480 left in my qualifiers pot and so decided to play a $5.50 qualifier to tonights $25 + $2.50 $10,000 guaranteed on Pacific.

All was quiet until with 19 players left from the starting 79. I was dealt A7s on the button when it all folded around to me. So with my short stack it was an insta shove. The SB called and I thought I was looking at the exit. Well he had KK, I hit an Ace on the flop and dodged his flush draw to get me to about 6th in chips with 19 left. I didn't need to play a hand from there on in as the tournament gave tickets to 15th and other short stacks were forced to shove and get themselves knocked out ... so ticket number one earned.

Half an hour to go to the tournament so heres hoping for some luck and a decent cash for a change.

Until next time ...

Keep it Tight!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Still here and Bored of the Freeroll

Well I do not seem to be showing any symptoms of the dreaded Swine Flu yet (touch wood).
The GF seems OK and has taken her course of tablets. Hopefully she wasn't infectious at home this weekend otherwise my dose may still be yet to happen. Hopefully not though because we go to France this week, roll on the inoculations I say.

As for the freeroll test I am already bored and have got my balance from nothing up to $1.46. I am going to end it here after 10 days play because it is just too boring!

As long as sites have free 10 man STT freerolls then it is very easy to start a balance from nothing. It just takes time. I suggest you would only need to get it upto $10 with good bank roll management then you can start to build it up from there as can be seen from my Full Tilt Free $10 I received some while back.

On another note my Quarter Roll balance is back at $200. After 3232 hands and dropping to just $30 at its lowest point hopefully I can make progress on that first step of $400 I need to move up a level.

Also I have a real need to play more cash now after my wasted time on the freeroll test, so on with the games.

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Swine Flu's Increasing Prominence

I haven't been able to play much because I have been very busy so the freeroll balance still sits at 0.99c.

On a worse note there has been a reported incident at my partners offices of Swine Flu. Not only that but her sons girlfriend has been given medication for it ... and now my GF has left work early today feeling poorly and has likewise been given medication for it.

So swine flu definitely seems to be taking hold in England and in Leicester in particular.

I am sitting here wondering whether the fact I am starting to feel rough is because I also have it or if it is purely psychological.

Anyway I will keep you posted.

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Freeroll Challenge Day 3

New 1 Month Freeroll Challenge Balance - 0.99c
"I have often wondered if I went totally broke would I still be able to play poker and enjoy it? Moreover could I start a bankroll from scratch, zippo ... nothing.
So this month I am going to start with a balance of zero and just play free games to see what can be achieved."
Not quite a bankroll yet but a rudimentary start I think.
Managed to play a further 8 freeroll SnG's on blue square, cashing 2nd in three and first in one.
Having a balance of 0.69c I decided I had enough to enter a 0.10+0.02c 6 man SnG.
First hand 4 players go all in with one taking the whole pot leaving just 3 left paying to 2. Either of the two remaining players entered every pot with a raise so I just went into solid play mode. Hardly playing any hands the other two went into barracking mode. So funny ... telling me to read a book. That I needed to learn how to play etc. etc. ALL on a 0.12c Table. Made me smile. Anyway I ended up trapping most of the chips away from these two to take first prize; a whopping 0.42c.
Will not be playing any Freeroll Challenge on the 4th July as it is another trip to the Leicester races.
So until next time.
Keep it Tight!

Friday, 3 July 2009

WoT - Day 2

Balance - 0.56c

Got home a bit late from London (not working tomorrow) so didn't get to play much tonight.

Managed to get in 6 of the Blue Square 0.05c freeroll SnG's.

3rd in 3 and 2nd in one - for a massive 0.09c payoff.

Scanned the rest of the poker sites for freeroll Multi Tournaments and to be honest they are not easy to come by.

I will hopefully be playing the 11.00am $300 freeroll tomorrow on Party Poker - no Doubt the entrance will be about 1500 players.

Until next time.

Keep it Tight!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Waste of time - Day 1

Freeroll Cash on the first day - No.8 on Virgin

Balance from Zero - 0.47c

So the freeroll fiasco has begun.

I started off by playing a few of the 10c SnG freerolls on Blue Square.

I managed to play 7 of these 10man STT placing 3rd in 6 of them for 0.12c. Multi tabling 4 of these at the same time whilst catching up on emails, doing a bit of online banking and reading blogs seemed like the poker holiday I was expecting - and the weather was fine.

Then I had a scout around the freerolls on various sites.

I intend to do a full survey of the 24 or so sites I am signed up to, but last night I only managed to look at the following:

Bodog - 19.40 - $500

Party - 02.00, 18.00, 20.00 - $100; 11.00 - $300; 22.30 - $50

Virgin - 18.30 - 25euro; 17.00 - 100euro

I ended up playing the Bodog $500 and the 25 euro on Virgin

The Bodog looked quite a good prize fund but then I realised that there were 3086 players, I crashed out 1408th

The Virgin however was a much better prospect with 224 players, but only for a small prize fund.

Well when there were 33 players left I was sitting 20th, then I had to leave the game. I had arranged to meet a work colleague for a drink at the pub. Nooo! I was gutted for the chance at a $7.50 first prize.

So I left it folding me out, to come back and find I had finished 16th for a massive 0.25euro payday.

So I sit with 0.47c from my first freeroll foray, not bad for a first days work (roughly 0.15c / hour).

On to the next waste of time tomorrow (but unfotunately not with enough cash to move onto the next level).

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A whole month of nothing

I have often wondered if I went totally broke would I still be able to play poker and enjoy it? Moreover could I start a bankroll from scratch, zippo ... nothing.

So this month I am going to start with a balance of zero and just play free games to see what can be achieved.

Just to keep some interest in the month (and so it is not a complete waste of my time) I am going to play my quarter roll for the last hour of each session. However I will not be including any profits made there in my freeroll monthly total.

So the rules:

1. Only free entry games are allowed - or points tournaments for which points have been accrued during play from this zero balance.

2. Any winnings can be re invested into buy in tournaments / cash games but any buy in cannot send my running bankroll below zero.

3. I can't get bored and give up!!!!
One other luxury I am giving myself is the ability to take my bankroll to any site. In reality I wouldn't be able to move such small starting amounts around until i met a minimum cash out amount ... but don't get all purist on me and allow me this one concession!

So welcome to my complete waste of time!!!

I will try to post my game entries and results each night I play. This is not a Chris Fergusson- esque challenge. This is for one month only!

Lets call it a poker holiday!

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight!