Thursday, 2 July 2009

Waste of time - Day 1

Freeroll Cash on the first day - No.8 on Virgin

Balance from Zero - 0.47c

So the freeroll fiasco has begun.

I started off by playing a few of the 10c SnG freerolls on Blue Square.

I managed to play 7 of these 10man STT placing 3rd in 6 of them for 0.12c. Multi tabling 4 of these at the same time whilst catching up on emails, doing a bit of online banking and reading blogs seemed like the poker holiday I was expecting - and the weather was fine.

Then I had a scout around the freerolls on various sites.

I intend to do a full survey of the 24 or so sites I am signed up to, but last night I only managed to look at the following:

Bodog - 19.40 - $500

Party - 02.00, 18.00, 20.00 - $100; 11.00 - $300; 22.30 - $50

Virgin - 18.30 - 25euro; 17.00 - 100euro

I ended up playing the Bodog $500 and the 25 euro on Virgin

The Bodog looked quite a good prize fund but then I realised that there were 3086 players, I crashed out 1408th

The Virgin however was a much better prospect with 224 players, but only for a small prize fund.

Well when there were 33 players left I was sitting 20th, then I had to leave the game. I had arranged to meet a work colleague for a drink at the pub. Nooo! I was gutted for the chance at a $7.50 first prize.

So I left it folding me out, to come back and find I had finished 16th for a massive 0.25euro payday.

So I sit with 0.47c from my first freeroll foray, not bad for a first days work (roughly 0.15c / hour).

On to the next waste of time tomorrow (but unfotunately not with enough cash to move onto the next level).

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight!

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