Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A new blog direction

Well I know it has been a while since my last blog entry but I really haven't had a lot in my poker life to blog about.

So in an inspirational moment I decided it might be good to blog on the back of the things I read in the Poker Player magazine. I am a full subscriber and inevitably end up reading the articles whilst having an internal discussion with myself about the validity of the information based on my experience. This internal discussion is what I am going to use to prompt some posts!

I first want to make it clear however this is not an exercise of pulling apart the magazine and saying "I think I know better". It is a great publication that prompts discussions like this within me and that has to be a good thing! Nor is it meant to replace the articles, in fact if you haven't read them I suggest you get a copy and take the time to read them for yourselves. This (and future) blog posts are merely meant to give my slant on what I read, how it affects me, perhaps fill in a few of the gaps and who knows some of the helpful tips might actually sink into my brain.

The article for this post that got my creative juices flowing was entitled "6 Steps to Winning Big Money" in the November 12 issue where the article sets out to take the reader from $0 to $1,000 + in six ways. The part in particular getting my attention was taking a balance from $0 - $100.

I found this quite relevant because at the moment I have built a bankroll from $0 this year and it is currently sitting at approx $450.

Starting from a $0 bank roll is an interesting challenge and it should be remembered that it takes a lot of hard work, patience and dedication to achieve it (which are all valuable lessons to be learnt for a poker player). The level of play is easier at the lower stakes but remember that poker is poker. It can take months to grow from $0 to $100 never mind $1000+ (for me it took 4 months to break the $100 barrier and stay above it).

The article suggests sticking to the micro cash games (mainly to play a lot of hands) but my views differ. I think a balanced approach to building a bank roll is much better and would suggest the following tips:

1. Identify your winning game

There are many variations of poker that exist on-line - cash games, SnGs, Multi tournaments, speed, turbo, Omaha, holdem, knockout, timed tournaments, heads up, 6 player, 10player; in fact the list is almost becoming endless. All of the types of poker available have different skill sets required but most importantly have a varying level of win expectation inherent within the game. It is important to experiment with the different types of poker but initially I suggest choosing a game with a low variance level such as Double Up Sit and Gos - your profits will not rise quickly but they do allow you to protect a bank roll in the initial stages of bank roll building.

2. Identify the best site for you

Different sites offer different game selections but also have a different level of player. Sign up to a few sites and stick with the one that gives you a regular profit.

3. Keep detailed records

The above two points are very important but in identifying them you need to keep a detailed spreadsheet showing the following - buy in, game type, site, number of players, pay structure of selected game etc. You can then filter the data to identify your winning game selection.

4. Bonuses

If you are going to make a deposit to get yourself going choose a site that gives you a bonus; but be sensible with it. If $200 bonus is on offer but you are going to be playing $1 SnGs then you are not going to clear the whole amount - buy in for an achievable amount, say $5. Clear it, cash out then move to the next site offering a bonus.

5. Freerolls

Don't be afraid of stooping down to play freeroll tournaments (some sites even offer freeroll SnGs). The rewards are relatively small but when you win remember it is 100% ROI. Some sites will offer depositor freerolls that have a slightly higher prize fund and if you ensure you register your email address with particular sites you will get special tournaments with free tickets sent to you! Whats more if you follow poker sites on-line with social networks there are free tournaments with passwords posted there.

So there are a few brief tips that do not relate to game play but in my opinion are just as important to help make a winning player! I hope it might help someone build from $0.

Until next time

Keep it Tight!