Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Harder than it looks

A quick post by way of an update.

Well the idea was to build my live bankroll and climb up the qualtiy of tournaments to test out my poker skills and possibly hit a bigger win.

This is proving more difficult than I thought and I still haven't left the tables of my local casino yet.

So far I am only playing live once a week, so I haven't really got a decent sample of results to say whether I am going to fail or succeed.

Here are my results so far:

Multi Tourneys (40 players or more)

Played 7
Final Tabled 4
Cashed 2
Won 0

Buy Ins (incl. rake) £261

Profit / loss -£161

I feel that just one win or high position cash will set me off. It will certainly put me in profit. I like to think I am holding my own, and the fact that I can top up my live balance from other winnings will give me plenty of time.

Whats important is that I am really enjoying live play (albeit sometimes I wish I'd invested in a decent set of headphones to block out distractions).

So until next time

Keep it Tight!