Sunday, 24 October 2010

Is this what they mean when your "On a Heater"

What an unbelievable run of form I'm on at the moment.

Its as if I'm in tune with the game!

If I have a big hand I can get it paid off ...

If I have to bluff, its the right amount to get a fold ...

When I have to push I get called by a worse hand ...

... and when I need some luck I'm getting it.

These moments have led to me having my longest ever run of 20 double up SnG cashes in a row before losing one.

This is when Poker is at its best!

So now .... now that I have probably cursed my game by airing this joy ....

... I must remember to re read this post when I hit my next downswing.

You can't win them all ... but this feels damn close to it!

Until Next Time

Keep it tight!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Made it ... but Oh No!

Yep I made the PartyPoker.FR weekly leaderboard ....

Yes it was relatively easy to reach ...

Yes I got my entrance to the 250 euro guaranteed ...

Yes there were only 43 entered ...

... a great chance for just under 100 euro first prize!

But OH NO!

I had to go out the evening of the tournament.

Basically I could squeeze 45 minutes out of the tourney, and after 30 minutes I was sitting in 9th.

So my plan was to try a gamble double up and then see if I could leave the tournament running and fold into 6th place prize money.

Just my look when I push my A7 suited as I was leaving for the pub that another player called with QQ. Despite two of my suit on the flop his hand held up and I was out.

So the moral of the story is ...

If you are going to try and qualify for a tournament, at least know you will be able to play it.

Until Next Time.

Keep it Tight!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Going for the PartyPoker.FR leaderboards

This week I have decided to try for the French Weekly Leaderboard. This starts on Mondays at 00:01 and finishes Sunday night at 00:00.

Top Player gets 250 euro

2nd and 3rd get entry to the 250K guaranteed

4th to 150th get entry into the 250 euro guaranteed tourney

Up until Yesterday I had played every night from about 8pm until midnight 4 tabling 3 euro Double Up STT. This had gotten me into 84th position. However I didn't play at all yesterday as I was travelling back to the UK, now I have dropped to 135th.

So still on target for my target 250Euro tourney entrance.

At present on these stakes whilst still building my French bank roll there is no chance of reaching positions 1-3 .... I'll save that for a later challenge.

The side effect of this effort is that I was also 85th on the monthly leaderboard where cash prizes are paid to 100th. However after my little break yesterday I have dropped back to 109th.

So my new target is to also hit the top 100 on the monthly leaderboard.

To give you an idea of how my French Bankroll is progressing (now just over 300 euro with bonuses from my initial deposit of 100 euro) I have posted my latest Sharkscope Graph.

So heres to another afternoon of SnG grind!

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight!