Sunday, 24 October 2010

Is this what they mean when your "On a Heater"

What an unbelievable run of form I'm on at the moment.

Its as if I'm in tune with the game!

If I have a big hand I can get it paid off ...

If I have to bluff, its the right amount to get a fold ...

When I have to push I get called by a worse hand ...

... and when I need some luck I'm getting it.

These moments have led to me having my longest ever run of 20 double up SnG cashes in a row before losing one.

This is when Poker is at its best!

So now .... now that I have probably cursed my game by airing this joy ....

... I must remember to re read this post when I hit my next downswing.

You can't win them all ... but this feels damn close to it!

Until Next Time

Keep it tight!

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