Sunday, 9 January 2011

Party Poker France points problem!

Last month (and going into the new year) I had a bit of a problem with my points status on PartyPoker.Fr.

I had cut it very fine in earning my 400 points to maintain my Silver Status in December. However by playing for about 4 hrs on New Years Eve (finishing at around 8pm) I managed to get my points balance to around 401.5 ... and was happy that I would be able to buy my 50 euro bonus.

However when I logged in on 1st January I found that they had demoted me to Bronze Status.

I contacted them and they stated that I had only earned 397.5 points in December.

I checked my lobby and found that it showed I had already earned 4 points in January despite having not played yet!

So I re contacted them and assured them that the lobby stated on 31st December I had over 400 points.

They stuck to their story but did raise my complaint to another department.

Anyway yesterday I find my status HAS been restored to Silver ... but with no explanations or email contact, which is unusual because I always find their customer service excellent!

However I am very happy with this outcome as my account now sits as it should be!

But it does show that what we see in the lobby could be different to what is happening on their systems.

So I suggest that if your points balance is very close to the next level, take a screen dump. Either that or make sure you earn more than enough points to get your status levels.

Oh and if their is a descrepancy make sure you contact them!

I do like happy endings though!

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight!