Monday, 13 July 2009

Still here and Bored of the Freeroll

Well I do not seem to be showing any symptoms of the dreaded Swine Flu yet (touch wood).
The GF seems OK and has taken her course of tablets. Hopefully she wasn't infectious at home this weekend otherwise my dose may still be yet to happen. Hopefully not though because we go to France this week, roll on the inoculations I say.

As for the freeroll test I am already bored and have got my balance from nothing up to $1.46. I am going to end it here after 10 days play because it is just too boring!

As long as sites have free 10 man STT freerolls then it is very easy to start a balance from nothing. It just takes time. I suggest you would only need to get it upto $10 with good bank roll management then you can start to build it up from there as can be seen from my Full Tilt Free $10 I received some while back.

On another note my Quarter Roll balance is back at $200. After 3232 hands and dropping to just $30 at its lowest point hopefully I can make progress on that first step of $400 I need to move up a level.

Also I have a real need to play more cash now after my wasted time on the freeroll test, so on with the games.

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight

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