Monday, 14 February 2011

The Wilderness Months

Its at times like these that I am glad I don't play poker for a living.

To play approx 500 SnG's and still only be just where you started can be very demoralising.

I think it is even more pronounced because of the flying start I had on PartyPoker.Fr. I turned my initial €150 into approx €900 in about 5 months. Now I can't get above €1000 and have dropped as low as €800 euro .

The other problem I have is that my bank rolling method drops me back down the levels when I am losing and so I am now messing about at the very low stake SnG's again hoping for a run to hit.

On top of this things are not going so well in France and it looks like I will be here on my own from now on. This has left me in a very bad mental state; but if it wasn't for me to be able to throw my time into poker (despite my affected play) then I am sure I would feel even more isolated. At least with poker there is always something there at any time of the day when I need my mind diverting from the real world.

Who was it that said ... ?

" ... you never know your on a peak until you are coming down, and you never know you are in a trough until you are climbing out" ...

Ahh thats right it was .. D.Brent (The Office)

They say poker mirrors life, and with that phrase it has never been more true.

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight!

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