Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Enjoyment of poker returning? ... Oh and a few stats!

Is the joy of online poker returning for me?

Well it is hard to tell but I have been playing online poker a little more recently and I have been enjoying it.

It is still only at small stakes and it could just be due to the circumstance of me being in France, revelling in the sunshine by day and then having time to get involved with a bit of poker by night.

It may also be to do with the fact that I have renewed my aquaintance with Titan Poker.

I finally feel I am getting value from an online poker room (although there rake is a little high on some of the low stakes SnGs). They offer cash back for points, bonus tokens and invite tourneys ... and they even respond to your tweets. All in all their package seems to have improved greatly from when I used to play there over 2 years ago.

Perhaps it also helps because I have been winning a little recently and my "bankroll from zero" has been growing (which is also due to the fact that I have been doing well in the freeroll tournaments offered).

The graph below shows my progress from the beginning of the year on my "bankroll from zero" challenge.

The peak at 645 buy ins is where I have accounted for a tournament qualifying token that was added to my records and then taken back out again when played with no return.

So my balance of $180 dollars is made up from 855 individual buy ins on the following 3 different game formats:

Multi Table Tourneys

39 buy ins               $70.65
16 cashs (1FT)        $118.54
ROI                         67.9%   (thanks to 18 freerolls of which 11 were cashes with the final table)

Cash Games

Total Buy Ins         $412
Total Returns         $434.11
ROI                        5.37%

Sit and Goes

Total Buy Ins         $824.72
Total Returns         $865.67
ROI                        4.97%

"And this is where good record keeping and writing this blog instantly helps - I now know that I have been spending more time and buy ins on my least profitable format!"

So at a $180 bank roll going forwards I am able to now sit with a total buy in of $9 on any one game.

I will keep going with this because it is giving me the chance to at least enjoy some poker and enjoy the sensation of being a winning player, which is a small comfort.

So with the hope my new found love for the game continues and that my bankroll continues to grow I will sign off .... so ....

Until next time

Keep it Tight!

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