Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How difficult it is to make profit in Multi Tournaments!

This blog entry title is not a question, its a statement!

I decided early in the year that I was fed up with grinding the SnG's and so decided to predominantly only play multi tournaments.

So because I wanted a good range of regular, low buy in tournaments I ventured back onto the virtual felt.

My theory was to play small buy in tournaments with a view of hitting the odd biggish win and progressing up the buy ins until I win my millions ... well win more than last year anyhow.

Anyway after about 70 buy ins I thought I was doing well with cashing in around 30% of the tournaments and hitting a couple of 2nds to boot. The spread-sheet however told a different story!

I was about $50 down - not a lot I know but considering I don't believe I can achieve statistics better than that I couldn't see where my profits were going to come from.

Add to that the fact that these multi tournaments were taking so many hours out of my life I could have definitely been in profit playing SnG's for the same amount of time.

So what now?

Well I am back grinding the SnG's and trying to hit the leaderboards ... again! ... for some extra cash.

I am using my points to play in the free-roll Multi Tournaments. (Currently converting 500 points into approx. $25 whereas cashing in the points for bonuses would only get me $5)

And trying to cheaply qualify for bigger tournaments where 30% cash rate will equate to far more than my initial buy ins.

So its back to the grind for me - nothing ever comes easy in this world.

Until next time

Keep it Tight!

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