Friday, 19 October 2007

Let me introduce myself ...

This is the first post (of what I hope will be many) to discuss and share my poker experiences with others interested in the poker world.

I will be sharing the highs and lows and some of the successes and failures in my quest to make some money (and possibly some fame ... "Dream ON!") by playing this great game.

So about me ..... I am 37 years old, live in the UK and until recently was working for myself in the Building Controls Industry. A while ago I made the decision that I was going to get out of the rat race and spend a little time pursuing my interests of which poker is the main one. Now is that time.

I have been playing poker for about 2 years now, both live and online and have had a little success along the way.

My poker screen name is GTheJester but sometimes takes the form GJester, G_Jester etc.

I play a number of different poker sites for a number of different reasons, all to be explained as my game plan unfolds.

I just want to say that this is not just going to be a self indulgent look at my poker game. I want it to be the truth about how to win (or lose) money by playing poker.

Well thats the quick intro over with, now to sign off, play some poker and create the next installment.

Until next time.

Keep it Tight!

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