Monday, 3 December 2007

Jet Lag and Technology do not mix !!

Well I have been back in England for 5 days now and I am still waking up at 4 in the morning and falling asleep in the afternoon. There has however been an upside to this. I haven't played online at this time on a Saturday and Sunday morning before (well not sober anyway) and the action is surprisingly good. If you want to catch tired, drunk and still drinking players at the tables then this is the time to do it.

It is just like being around a poker table at the MGM Grand at 2 am, just after a wedding party of rich relations have finished their celebrations, dipped into their full pockets and sat down to play this easy game that they have watched on TV once. The added benefit online is that you can switch off the constant chat (which would be a nice feature for them to fit at the MGM when you are faced with a table full of inebriated Tony G wannabies staring at you).

So I will be logging on again at this fruitful hour in the future.

"Pictures" I hear you ask again! ......... "Damn Technology" I reply (or words to that effect).

Cannot get my mobile talking to my PC. The futures dull! The future is without pictures!

Will keep on trying, but if I can't get it working then the round up of the Vegas trip will have to be without visual aids.

For now all I will do is post Novembers final poker playing figures (this includes the Vegas trip)

Multi Tournaments - -$255.40
Sit n Go's - $10.50
Cash Games - $187.98
Bonuses - $112.20
Novembers Profit - $55.28
So for now
Keep it Tight!

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