Thursday, 3 January 2008

Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008

The festivities of Christmas are over and the poker profits for December got to be reasonably fat. In fact at one point they went over the $1000 dollar mark, unfortunately they were pegged back again to $886.09 (however another new personal best since keeping records to round off 2007 quite nicely).

In summary I am quite pleased with my progress throughout 2007, especially as during the second half of the year I made a profit in every month since June. This was quite a way to come since up until then I couldn't fathom how people made money at this game.

I have though highlighted a couple of weaknesses on reflection :

1. I have a tendency to drop back down the levels too quickly. I will venture up to the higher limit, take a beat and then drop back down to my comfort zone of $0.50/$1 NL. I know this is crazy because many of the same players are in the $1/$2 as at the $0.50/$1 level and I can beat them there, so what is the difference?

2. My Multi Tournament game needs some work! I have cashed in many tournaments and even won a few (tournament winnings of $3,800 for the year) but still have made losses of $1,000 for the year in this format after buy ins (luckily my cash game has funded this loss). I think I may be playing too many small buy in tournaments ($5, $10 and $15 with too many players for not enough return).

So what about the positives:

Well the fact I have made a profit over the year is a start. I have the patience and the willingness to put in the hard work to get better. I never stop reading about the game or critiquing my own (as well as others) play. Also, humbly, I never forget to sometimes admit defeat when faced with the prospect of playing with better players. Sometimes admitting that they are better than you can keep $$$ in your bank roll, give you the chance to figure out why and then come back with a new game plan to take revenge.

So what is my game plan for the new year?

Well firstly I need to work on persevering with the higher levels of play to boost my profits. I am currently working on a new bank roll method to aid me with this aim and I will let you know how it pans out at the end of the month.

Secondly I need to try my skills in the higher levels of multi tournaments. To acheive this I am looking to put all profits I make on Sit ' n' Go's back into multi tournaments, sort of like using them as qualifiers for bigger buy ins. So I will keep you posted on how that goes.

For now I will post the figures for December 07 and wish you a prosperous new year!

Cash Games - $476.56
Multi Tournaments - $12.73
Sit 'n' Go - $24.5
Bonuses - $372.3

Total Profit /Loss (December) - $886.09

Years Results (monthly profits) Below "Click to Enlarge"


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