Friday, 4 July 2008

Poker Player Championship Bolton Leg

Well my first try at the Poker Player Magazine Championship 2008 (Leg 1 Bolton) was met with mixed feelings. Initially I expected there to be more of a presence from the magazine, but they even turned up late after the tourney had started.

I recognised some of the field from the Virgin Poker Festival, Newcastle ... this is obviously in the catchment area for these players. I also believe that the Blogger Four King Hell (Michael Lott) was there on my second table (but never had the chance to introduce myself .. perhaps at Walsall Michael!)

I started off very well .. the best being able to limp in with pocket 4's and hitting a full house on the flop to add another half to my stack. Again as is often the story people were respecting my raises and I felt good, but thats where the poker fun stopped as I was moved tables.

On my second table I was sat to the right of a chap called Duncan Godfrey ... he actually knocked me out at Newcastle Virgin Poker Festival, but this time it was more social as I didn't get to play any hands against him. If you look at you will see him on the televised table of the 2008 Aussie millions sitting to the right of Phil Ivey.

Anyway I wanted to set about gaining my usual tight image but had to make a few raises early on as I was hitting strong Aces. I must have looked like a very loose aggressive, which arguably was or wasn't good for me when i looked down at AA under the gun. I think the blinds were at about 100 / 200 and I raised it to $1K. Only the big blind called and he had a stack that could cripple me. The flop came Q, T, 4 with 2 to the flush but I didn't have the A of that suit. I continuation bet into the Pot $2k and was called by my opponent. At this point I had no reads and to be honest was totally unsure where I was at - didn't know if he had hit a set, 2 pair or was flushing and was he prepared to call me all the way to the river? I had about $5000 chips left. The turn came an unsuited 8. He "acted" weak and checked to me, did I want to take another pop! No I decided to give the free card in fear that I was already behind and prepared to call any bet on the end which I deduced would be small if the guy was on a monster. The river came a clean 4 so no flush possibilities. He led out $2K and I called. He held A4 for his set of 4's.

I have replayed this in my mind and wondered whether I should have just pushed on the turn .. I am not sure I would have gotten him to fold though.

I was damaged and my exit hand came a circuit later with the blinds heading up I felt I need to get some chips quick. I got to see a cheap flop in the BB with 97 diamonds. Against 2 opponents and on a flop of 2 diamonds I decided to push my now short stack. I got called by a guy on a bigger flush draw and I exited in about 80th.

Not to worry though I am off to Walsall tomorrow to try again in Leg 2 off this tournament so will report back after that.

Until then ...

Keep it Tight!

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Mick McCool said...

How did u get on at Walsall Geoff, decent report mate.