Sunday, 6 December 2009

November Roundup

I haven't got to play too much during November ... been trying to have a month of early nights to catch up on much needed rest.
However the rest must be doing me good because I have had some reasonable results.
I only got to play 34 SnG's ranging from $2.5 - $10 buy ins but managed to cash in 28 of them (ROI of 63.5%).
I played 6 Multi Tables and cashed in 2 having an 18th out of 221 players and a 38th out of 323 players.
Unfortunately December looks to be equally as hectic as last month so there may not be much to post here as my playing time is reduced.
In short I would now put rest before poker, because even though I have played less I have had consistently better results and earn't more profit.
Give it a try!
Until Next Time
Keep it Tight!


PokerDIY said...

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L4Y SP said...

Hi Geoff,
I am getting myself in a right pickle . I cannot get the desire to multitable out of my head . just cos all the young guys hammer it i think i should too . however , the results altho' initially good hv been poor. Every time I restrict my playing and limit myself to one table i do get better results . I just can't get my head round the fact that i can't slog it for 8 , 10 , 12 hours. i guess it is because the returns at $1 are so low but i don't hv the confidence to barrel in at $100 where the returns from limited play are potentially much higher.Are you never tempted to test yourself higher up and reap the rewards of your obvious skill. is it hard not to get carried away with such a high ROI%? regards. L4

Geoff said...


First thanks for your comments.

Actually it is the reverse for me ... it is hard to go up the stakes. I find it hard to swallow the losses at the higher stakes.

I guess it is because online it is so easy to fire back in and a downswing at higher stakes can quite easily wipe out a bankroll.

I have a mate of mine who constantly pushes me to play higher and in fact bought me into a $100 SnG online to try to show me that I can hack it. I did win it but still can't push $100 of my own hard earned cash into one game (unless it is live .. wierd eh?).

I am very strict with my bankroll and am slowly starting to rise up the stakes ... but it could be some time before I feel safe taking regular shots at the bigger buy ins.

With regards to multi tabling I can do about 4 but the ROI does drop.

Playing 1 table allows you to focus on the players and betting patterns, not just the cards. This is a massive part of the game especially when getting to heads up. All those hands you have seen your foe play should allow you to have a profile of the player thus dictating your heads up playing style. This gets lost somewhat when multi tabling and so you are losing valuable ROI by coming second instead of first where a fair share of the prize money is.

If I ever did get to play this game solely for a living at the high stakes I would be going for quality of results rather than turnover of games.

Thanks again for reading my blog.