Thursday, 7 January 2010

Excitement for the year ahead!

So 2009 is gone and 2010 is here.

I have put a summary graph of last years poker performance below.
Thankfully I managed to turn a small profit. However looking back I really did mess about at the small buy in levels ... possibly too much time. As I mentioned before I have tweaked my game a lot and I think I am a far more rounded player with many more facets to my game ... so perhaps this time hasn't been completely wasted.

I have noticed a trend though over the last 3 years that my profits have been dropping so either I am playing differently or the online world has become a much tougher place to play.

In 2007 I made about $3.5 K profit, 2008 I made $2K profit and this year only $1.3k profit.

So any new years resolutions? Not really, nothing more than I have got to try and play higher.

I am taking half of my profit back to spend so at least I can show something for my hard work. This leaves me a playing pot of about $600. So I am going to use the "20th of my bank roll buy in method" for all games in the hope that I will slowly climb the levels.

In addition I have now found a rakeback that I can achieve so we will see if that small drip feed of "bonus" will aid me in climbing the buy ins.

Away from the poker table 2010 is going to bring many changes but I should still find time to play enough of this game that I love.

All that remains now is to wish everyone good luck for 2010, and heres looking to a prosperous future.

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight!


Yorkshire Pud said...

The games certainly have got tougher over the past few years but at least you're still turning a profit which is more than most online players can say!

Geoff said...

Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for the vote of confidence.

It is always hard to know what real expectations are for profits at differing buy ins.

It is also hard to measure yourself against other players realistically.

I tend to measure myself against the previous years records as a target.

This year though is really about trying to increase the level I play at.

Once again thanks for reading!