Monday, 20 June 2011

Trying to get back to normal

I decided to do a week of work for my usual customer in Truro and stayed at the usual stop ... the Victoria Inn.

Thursday night, Poker Night, I decided again to join in for my third outing at this pub's poker offering.

Unfortunately the entrants have dwindled from about 36 to about 20 but the guys that are left are good eggs.

So with a £5 buy in and two tables to get through I soon won a big pot doubling my starting chips. I had already identified that my table had a loose aggressive on board that was very successful in small pots against the regulars. I also knew he was playing light and wouldn't be able to slow down. So when he all inned for about about 2/3rds of my stack and all folded to me in the SB, I re raised all in with K4os to push out the BB knowing that if I won the pot I could take his role. He duly turned over T6os and hit a 6 on the river to leave me hurt but not out.

Luckily 3 hands later I get JJ and all in ... our loose friend calls and I double back to above my starting chips.

A few hands later I get AA and manage to look like I'm trying to push out the limpers in a multi way pot. I manage to survive a twitchy 3 way pot with the 2 other players that remained and I was suddenly in a strong position.

Anyway to cut a long story short I got heads up with a guy when the blinds were so high we decided to split the £70 pot 50/50.

So in 3 outings here I have won 2 times and 4th once.

Not bad to earn an evenings free drinks ...

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight!


Anonymous said...

WP Sir, carry on like this nad there going to bar you!

Geoff said...

He He

Yeah I know..

The most annoying thing is they have a small league with points for finishing positions(each quarter I think) but I am not there often enough to win anything from that!

Probably a good thing!

Thanks for reading my blog!