Monday, 15 August 2011

My Ladder of Hope

I have been thinking about how I can motivate myself to go forwards in pursuit of live game success.

I understand that my personality and the value I place on my bankroll can hold me back when I should be pushing on. I need to devise a method of tracking my progress as well as giving myself targets to achieve so that I don't become stagnant and satisfied with lower levels of success.

So I am formulating, what I call, my Ladder of Hope.

I will be starting on the first rung of the ladder as a Poker Wannabe and I will outline clear goals that allow me to reach a certain rung of the ladder.

So far I have the levels as follows, with some of my initialy thought out targets.

WANNABE - Where I am now!

Bronze - Live Bankroll = £1,000
Silver - Finish in top 50% in local tournament (e.g. Dusk Till Dawn)
Gold -
Bronze - Live Bankroll = £2,500
Silver -
Gold - Cash in a local tournament
Bronze - Live Bank Roll = £5,000
Silver -
Gold - Cash in a National Side Event (e.g. GUKPT side event)
Bronze -
Silver - Final Table Local Tournament
Gold- Cash in a National Event (e.g. GUKPT)
Silver -
Gold - Final Table National Side Event
Gold -
Gold - Win National Event, Cash in an International Event
Gold - Final Table International Event
SUPERSTAR - Win an International Event

This is still pretty much work in progress in thinking out what goals I want where, and I will probably add more goals as I think of them ... but you get the idea.

More when I have this sorted out a little better.

Until next Time

Keep it Tight!

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