Saturday, 24 May 2008

A game of confidence!

I mentioned before that I had not been playing too much poker ... so why?

Well firstly I have been quite busy with personal chores, but this is not the underlying reason.

The underlying reason has been a bit of a loss of confidence.

I have read about poker players becoming jaded with the game and taking a break or even giving the game up all together. I remember thinking at the time "how can they give this game up?".

Well I have seen that side of the game recently.

Now bear in mind the sums of money I am playing for are not life changing! However winning is very important to me. So to play hard for the first part of the month to build a healthy profit only to see it dwindle to a few $$$ by both bad luck and (if truthful) a few poorly timed moves is very hard for the emotions. The constant up and down swing can be hard to take.

Having said that I have still not had a losing month in terms of being in negative dollars since the middle of last year. However a profit of approx $19 in March does not constitute winning in my books! This left me musing on other more lucrative past times.

I spent a bit of time on the betfair exchanges, but realise that it is not as easy to win there as it is on the poker tables.

So after a 2 month break the back end of last month saw me playing a $1/$2 cash game after a night out when I couldn't sleep. I hit a table profit of about $500 which whetted my appetite for poker once again.

Last week I took some work away and did not have access to a Wi Fi connection, only my poker magazine and book. I was reading about the game but was unable to play, I started to want to play and as soon as I got home Thursday evening, fired up my laptop and hit a small $11 Ten Man STT, coming 2nd.

I then went on to play a small MTT (58 players) and came 2nd in that for my troubles.

I have now gone back to my normal monthly routine of game play so poker is well and truly back in my life and I am starting to enjoy it again. I am going to do something new though in the next few months to keep it fresh and to introduce new challenges, they will be posted in the future.

But for now.

Keep it Tight

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