Thursday, 11 June 2009

This green and beautiful land!!

I just wanted to write a quick post to thank the council official who thought it would be a good idea to close the A46 at the M40 junction for road works this week. I especially liked his idea to send everyone on a glorious diversion back down the M40 for a junction - and then through Leamington - and back on to the A46 half an hour and 12 speed and traffic light cameras later - to find myself about 100 yards further on than than the start of the road works.

The whole glorious adventure was made even more enjoyable as it arrived 4hrs 45mins into my normally 5 and a half hour journey back from Truro where I chose to work this week.

Am I missing the point or is something really wrong with this country?

I travel a 600 mile round trip to earn an honest weeks work, putting my life at risk on our road work riddled roads - to end up watching the front door mat for speeding fines and court sommons. Despite trying really hard not to exceed the speed limits ... or cross traffic light cameras on amber ... should a fine happen to come my way the likelihood is I would be in negative equity on my weeks hard work ... or as the real criminal I am ... trying to dodge a short ban.

Perhaps I should pack it all in, and wait for the government to wing me some paid for housing and a few benefits that I have kindly donated to during my working life.

Better still I could become a politician, get chauffeured to Truro ... stay in a 5 star hotel and claim it all back as a boost to my income.

Rant ... rant ... rant ... !!!

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight!

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