Sunday, 28 June 2009

Wasting my time?

Just to show I have not been wasting my life away at micro stakes using the free cash I have been given I have also played a few more hands of my quarter roll game.

Ever since my initial $200 balance dropped to $30 I have really been grinding away to build back up to my start. So 2700 hands in I have worked the balance back to just over $150 still playing at the .25 / .50 level.

In fairness I have been pulling any trick in the book to build the balance back but in the main the hit and run tactic has produced the best results.

Now I know I won't be making any friends using this method, but when I only have 3 buy ins left at this level I have to take what I can.

I am hoping that the fact i am not short stacking will win me a bit of karma back, sort of a trade off between the two evils.

So hopefully the balance will be back to $200 shortly and I can go ahead with building it to the $400 that will allow me to step up to the .50 / 1.00 level.

Until Next Time

Keep it tight

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