Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Little things please little minds ...

... and with something as little as this I am not sure it will please anybody but me!

Thats right it is my sharkscope graph for my Pacific account ... what did you think I was talking about?

This all started from a dinky $20 I had in the account a few months back that I have now micro-SnG-ground out to a reasonable little balance.

My stats look quite pretty too ....

And the little icing on the cake ....

When I find a SnG tournament that shows up as neutral on the Sharkscope Tournament Selector and then join, the status changes from neutral to one of these ....

Yep I am a one shark player on Pacific ...
Maybe not big stakes but still a small shark ...
He He!
Until Next Time
Keep it Tight!


Anonymous said...

Geoff I think you need to move up levels. Your winning at the lower stakes so why not use 25 Buy-ins step, 20 step down technique, to really challenge yourself.

Geoff said...

Hi Kevin

Thanks for reading my blog.

I know what you mean.

I have spent a vast proportion of the year messing about at the lower levels, clearing free bonuses and making a small profit.

I don't know how long you have been reading my blog but putting more money at risk is a constant battle for me.

I am constantly trying to get myself to play higher stakes so any help is appreciated.

I have played at higher levels (up to $20 buy ins) and toyed with different bank rolling methods but have gone through a period of re assessing my game and I believe it is now different from how I was playing a couple of years back.

However your comment is very valid and I should perhaps be trying what you have suggested.

I will have a think and come up with a small challenge for myself and put the results on here.

Many thanks again


Anonymous said...

Good luck with this issue. I'm sorry that i can't help you at all. I get the same type of trouble from time to time