Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Loss of Memory

I think I must be going slightly mad.

I played 3 events on the gala SnG decathalon and then completely forgot all about it until I just fired up my blog to make another post ... Doh!

I had two third spots and a 4th spot in the events I did play so I definitely wouldn't have been in the hunt for any of the prizes. However this isn't the reason I didn't play the rest of the events.

I have just been so busy.

So not much time for poker ... hence nothing of interest to put on the blog.

Nothing is certainly happening on the poker front other than messing around with a few free bonuses which are now cleared.

I did get a free £30 on William Hill Casino which is completely impossible to clear on their bonus terms (i.e. it had to be wagered £600 times. However a game such as craps only counts as 10% of the wagered value so on this game alone I would have to wager the £30 for £6000 times). Still it was free entertainment.

I am starting to feel like I need to do something interesting to make it worth people even reading this blog.

Lets see if I can win at the Jolly Waggoner poker tournament on Thursday to make a post worthwhile.

Until Next Time

Keep it tight!


DanH said...

How did the poker tournament on Thursday go?

Geoff said...

I actually didn't get to play in the end.

I can't remember what came up but it meant I couldn't get to the pub to play.

Thanks for reading my blog