Sunday, 7 February 2010

Stats for January just in!

I can't believe it! .... January is already over!

Where is the time going?

Anyway I have still managed to play a bit of poker in January, despite all the work that has been going on trying to get the house in France sorted.

In fact most of the month has been spent playing a free $50 that Party Poker have given me. I have been playing the .10 / .25 tables there and finally exhausted the bonus at the beginning of this month for a $112.00 free cash out (plus a few more party points that get me closer to another free $10). However this profit will not figure until next months stats.

So of the games that I did play and record in January ....

I played 8 multi tourneys (5 of these were Pokerlistings freerolls) however I cashed in 4 of them including 1 final table.
I also played a host of cash games where I now earn rakeback.

However not much $$$$'s profit for my poker playing efforts.

In addition to this I have managed to add some bonuses to my bankroll ...
... some of which is rakeback from

... and some of which is winnings from a little Betfair bet which is now giving me a constant, if small, return. Why am I adding betfair wins here?
Just to explain ... firstly it is only half of my betfair winnings that are being added to my poker bankroll. Secondly, as it is my intention to play higher up the stakes, I need (and want) a bigger playing bankroll ... hence the Betfair cash is being added here as a bonus.
So, in reality, my graphs are now monthly betting winnings rather than just poker winnings.
I know the graph looks a bit complex this month but if you have a closer look you will see that it is imperative that all small stakes players should be playing at least one reload bonus AND get rakeback at all times ... it makes a great difference.
Next post I will detail my newly thought out bankrolling methods and explain why I need more "cash in my roll" to go from the .10 / .25 level to the .25 / .50 level.
... a level to which I am not far away!
Until then ...
Keep it Tight!

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