Monday, 8 March 2010

Never been so tired!

Last week was the first week of moving our possessions to France.

We had a quotation of £2700 to move us entirely ... HOW MUCH!

So in my wisdom I decided we can do it cheaper by hiring vans and driving the distance ourselves.

Well our trip last week took the route of a Newhaven Ferry to Dieppe.

Collecting the Van on Friday afternoon we then spent the evening loading what we could and retired to bed early to finish loading on the Saturday. Loading had gone really well and continued to go well on Saturday with all of our items fitting nicely without any room for movement, much like a real life game of Tetris. That was until we got to the mattress. Why are those things so damned heavy. Anyway glad that it was one of the last things to load we managed to set off for Newhaven at about 3:30pm to catch our 9:30pm ferry.

We got there OK and on time and were looking forward to our 3-4 hours sleep in the cabin we had booked. After a really good but short sleep we disembarked 2:30am France time and hit the completely deserted roads.

It really is great driving in France with clear roads and 85 mile an hour speed limits on the motorways.

At about 4:30am the tiredness set in and I could hardly keep my eyes open, and added to the that the van was being buffeted by the storm that was hitting the west coast (we later found the storm had been responsible for over 50 deaths at the coastal towns).

The only thing I could think about was sleeping. Have you ever tried to sleep in the cabin of a long wheel based transit. The seats are very upright and it is freezing. The only way I could get to sleep was for Susan to sleep across the seats and I slept in the foot well.

Anyway we made it and got to the house at about midday. We even unpacked it all in about 3 hours (even getting the mattress upstairs). Mind you I paid for it the next couple of days, I ached and was completely exhausted.

We have saved some money (the trip cost us about £700 - £800), but we have got to do it again to take the rest of our things.

Still if we can save a £1000 then it will be worth it in the long run.

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight!


BurnleyMik said...

All the very best in France mate.

A friend of mind lived out tehre for a couple of years (about an hour outside Bordeaux) and we visited a few times, lovely place.

Hope it all continues to go well.



Geoff said...

Cheers for the support and thanks for reading the blog.

I will be continuing the blog so hopefully you'll keep reading.

Good luck