Monday, 17 May 2010

Getting down with the NET

Yes finally I have succumbed to the "twitter".
You can follow my "tweetings" at:
In fact there is a method in my madness ...
Instead of aimlessly surfing the net or watching youtube I am hoping that poker commentary may help my game.
We'll see.
Keep it Tight!


Larry said...

Congratulations on (finally) joining Twitter! I see you only have 2 followers though... You may find that by following a bunch of other people you can build up your own follower numbers a bit quicker. Once you have a set of committed follers/followees you'll probably find the whole Twitter process a lot more fun and interactive. Good luck!

Geoff said...

Thanks Larry

Still getting to grips with it and what to do. I will try what you say though.

Thanks for reading the blog too.