Friday, 28 May 2010

Can I play this differently?

Yesterday in the Ultimate Bet $4K Guaranteed Rebuy I had a hand about 15 places outside the money that I don't know if I got maximum value out of - I would like some suggestions on how others might have played in this situation.
The Setup
Blinds at 600 / 1200 with 100 Ante.
I was short stacked at the bottom of the pile with 14,000 chips after posting SB.
I was dealt AA.
There were already 4 people in the pot before it got to me making the pot 6,200 as below:

I went All In hoping to get one caller - all folded and I took down the pot.

A wasted opportunity to get more?

I'd like some differing views on what might be other plays in this position.


Until Next Time.

Keep it Tight!


microstakes bankroll builder said...

hi there, with just only 10bb you and with 5bb in the pot there is one thing, and only one thing that you could do there, and thats is to shove. maybe you could time down to make it look like a bluff, or maybe insta shove, but you absolutely 100pc can never ever do anything else but shove. if you min raise then everyoine calls and your equity sinks to less than 50pc 5 way.
do the maths, really....just work it out.
and the fact that they folded? you increased your stack size by 50pc, almost as good as a double up
i would be very suprised if you get ANY discussion on this, these is simply only one play....and you made it.

Geoff said...

Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading my blog.

Being in the SB I had plenty of time to think how I was going to bet ... and I used the slow bet version.

I know what you say about the maths but I wonder whether a bet of 8,000 might have kept one or two in the pot. This would have still meant a futher 6,800 call for the other players and I may have got a big stack having a go. The big risk would be an early position caller and pricing every one else in.

A gamble here and a treble up may have helped me go deeper than I did.

I actually finished 30th for the lowest prize.

microstakes bankroll builder said...

i am really surpised you never got a caller, but truth is, i think if no one called your shove, your pot committing raise looks even stronger, and i doubt you would have got any callers.
had you gambled, raised small and been called and then lost, your state of mind, very important when playing MTTs, would have been very pissed off to put it mildly. the bad beat jackpot could have set in and you might have started thinking how you are destined never to win, etc etc
100pc shove with your stack...
anyway, good blog
and good luck

Geoff said...

Hi again

Yes I suppose it would look like a call me type raise if I bet smaller anyway.

Thats why these blogs are invaluable - always good to hear another side to the argument.

Thanks again and good luck