Monday, 21 June 2010

WSOP near miss!

For anyone whos been reading my Twitter you will know that I have been trying to qualify for the WSOP via Pokerlistings on Bet 365.

I earnt enough points to first enter a 34 player sub qualifier : 1-6 won a super satelite $500 ticket, 7-12 won a $215 WSOP Main event rebuy ticket.

Well in that one I won the $215 rebuy ticket.
I then also got enough points to enter me for a 34 player freezout winner takes all main event qualifier - this was to be my best chance?
As it happens I went out of the freezout in 14th after a really uneventful tourney.

The rebuy was to be my chance ... 39 entrants ... winner takes all $20,000 package.

I wasn't going to rebuy (at a further $215) and I wasn't going to add on (at a further $100). But patience is my game.

After 3 hours of play there were about 18 left ... and I was the short stack.

However I do think my strongest point is short stack play!!!

Somehow I managed to get myself to the final table with 5 left and the position you see in the picture below as NoEi8ht (I can't even remember how I got there!).

5 left and I have a great image, everyone believes I have it when I bet ... so I bet!

Short handed I obviously open up my range, and for a start they still believe me, then I get the pre flop 3 bet, and I fold (mistake number 1).

It happens again (mistake number 2) and suddenly I go from being a bet dominator to a bet foldinator. With no cards, i am a lost soul on the poker table.

However I then end up getting a JJ and an AA to take me to second in chips with 3 left. At this point, after about 5 hours of play I can hear those Vegas bandits a jingling.

With the big hands and my image restored I manage to play the chip leader d0dd087 off of a couple of pots without having to worry about ZZ1000 who was being really tight passive ... d0dd was my target and if I beat him I have the Vegas prize. On the button he raised any 2 cards, consistently. On this occasion he raised a little bit bigger which made me think midish pair ... ZZ folded and I sit with A5spades. I thought about folding then called thinking that there are going to be plenty of cards to scare him with my read. The flop paired J77 - no spades. First to act I checked and he continued with a 1/3 pot bet ... I thought for a while and check raised ... (mistake number 3 ... I have little to no outs, just a complete bluff), he called. Turn brought a card that meant nothing. I half pot bet ... (mistake number 4, I have completely nothing with little or no outs) he thinks then over the tops all in ... I have to fold (his mid pair would be good at this point!) preserving about 25,000 in chips.

So my whole tournament hinged on getting too deep with a bluff ... poor play.

The coup de gras that saw me going out 3rd was when d0dd rarely folded the button and ZZ went all in on the SB - desperate I call with 9Tos.

Flop 289 ... turn blank river 8 - he holds A8 - Boom! Gone as was my Vegas dream!

Third was not too bad was it in a rebuy and add on with just my starting chips ... ?

I am sorry I didn't win but I can however take away some plus points from this:

... I don't think these players were muppets and I held my own.

... Don't get involved in a hand with a complete bluff unless you have to!

... It makes me want to qualify for something big!

Soon people I will do something big .... SOON!

Until Next time

Keep it Tight!


L4Y SP said...

bollocks ,bollocks , bollocks.....i wud b near congrats for keeping it in perspective. ul, regards, adam

L4Y SP said...

ul, better luk for the next one.

Geoff said...

Cheers adam

I was pretty excited in play and fairly gutted when I lost.

I have replayed the critical hands over and over in my mind - but I am over it now.

Thanks again for reading.