Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Betfair "Holy Grail"

Just like the knights of old I am a modern day Crusader obsessed with the search for the one true treasure ... "The Holy Grail of Betfair".

Ever since a friend introduced me to Betfair over a year ago I have been convinced that somewhere in its vaults of experienced and ageing gamblers there is a niche bet that is going to bring untold riches ...

And just like the Templars and the Hospitallers of history a true road is trodden for a while, with all clues seemingly leading to this great treasure, only to have the truth ripped away from me as I am left standing here holding a mere gourd and not the Grail at all.

So where am I searching for this heavenly reward? ...

Well my search is focussed within the walls of the world of horse racing. I am certain there must be a way to beat the odds and other players. Even one small identifiable edge of a standard bet over the hundreds (neah thousands) of horse races a year will over a period of time slowly add profits to an ever increasing bankroll.

Luckily I am not spending too much money in search of this reward ... and on days where new theories work I actually turn a reasonable profit. However on losing days this is taken back to a close to break even balance.

But in the words of another set of Ancient Philosophers "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" quote U2. (Sorry stretching it a bit with that metaphor).

But I feel i am so close to an answer ... lets just hope it isn't "There is no Holy Grail!"

Until Next Time

Keep it tight.

Oh! And any tips would be welcomed.

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