Sunday, 9 August 2009

Leicester Races on the Hoof

Another lazy Sunday so we thought ... until a late decision to go to the Leicester races came over us.

With half hour to the first race we quickly got changed from our gardening clothes and trotted down to the Leicester Races.

With seconds remaining we had our bets on the first race and the placepot.

Getting EW wins on the the first two horses in the second race and a correct reverse forecast in the third we had started off well (albeit for our usual £2 tote bets we may have been rich!!!).

Then we continued our good form with us both getting winning bets in races 4 and 5.

Another drink was in order and then a quick check on the placepot ... ... ... OMG we needed our final horse to come in to win the placepot ... we had successfully predicted the rest of the races to a place ... COME ON!

Our choice for the final race was Inside Story ... and I was happy with it ... until an announcement came over the tannoy ... it had been withdrawn!

Damn we were on the favourite now ... Focail Eile... WHO?

Any way it was looking dodgy two furlongs out, it looked to be hanging ... then someone put a rocket up its arse and WHOOSH! ... it came in first!!!

Woo Hoo ... my first ever placepot ... I am no longer a placepot virgin!

All that was left now was to collect the winnings for our £2 stake ...

and heres the good bit ...

a whopping £45.

Well, its not going to buy me that Ferrari but it is a great day out; and to come out clearing about £60 in my oppinion is an afternoon well spent.

Until next time

Keep it Tight!

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