Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Bonus City

The websites really are crazy with bonuses at the moment.

On Full Tilt I have to earn 1 more point a day for 4 more days and they will wing me a free $50. Add this to my current balance of $65 built from the last free $10 they gave me and I have a tidy free bank roll for what amounts to about 15 minutes play on Full Tilt an evening.

Also Party have just added another $50 free bankroll (restricted on earning 300 points) which stands for 60 days.

Rakeback on Interpoker is slow and I am beginning to think it will not pay me to play there at the stakes I am playing. Currently on the .25 / .50 tables I am only a fifth of the way to the $100 minimum rake needed to be paid my 30% rakeback. This is compounded buy the fact that the SnG tourneys seem incredibly difficult to beat on the Boss media network hence I haven't been playing SnG's there, unfortunately this is where a large amount of my rake would normally come from.

I am trying to boost my playing bankroll on Interpoker by adding my Betfair winnings to that poker pot to take me up the levels.

Anyway I am going to give it a go at the .5 /1 tables and see if it will help me reach my rakeback next month, if not I will have to ditch this site because I can earn smaller easier bonuses elsewhere.

Other than this there is nothing much to report for my poker life at the moment, a true reflection of what the poker grind is truly like.

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight!


Adam said...

Hey Geoff,

Adam here on behalf of InterPoker. It’s great that you have chosen InterPoker to boost your bankroll although I would mention that it is network rules that prevents them offering rakeback to players raking less than €100 in a calendar month. It is frustrating, however, their promotions and customer service are impressive enough for you to receive the value you have missed on rakeback and more. Firstly, they hold a Sub 100 Freeroll with a prize pool of €500 every month exclusively for players raking less than €100 in a month. In addition to the many GTD tournaments and other ongoing promotions, they run various Freerolls that require a minimal raked hand requirement with themes such as bounties or gadget Freerolls. Check out their site for latest promos. Good luck Geoff.


Geoff said...

Hi Adam

Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for leaving a comment.

I totally agree and I have no complaint with Interpoker. It is purely a problem of my own that I am not playing at high enough stakes, or playing regularly enough at my current stakes to raise enough rake for rakeback.

In fact the fact that the rake back does not affect other Interpoker benefits is what drew me there.