Thursday, 24 September 2009

Some belated August tournament results

I have played 4 multi tourneys so far this month.

The first being on Interpoker.

This was on an evening where I was too tired to play normal cash games for fear of my concentration levels being too low. So I signed up for a micro rebuy at about 9pm thinking that I could play for an hour or so then get to bed without losing too much money.

However at around 2am I came in 8th out of the 168 runners for what amounted to next to nothing in prize money ... my pride just wouldn't let me get to bed and leave my cards folding to the table ... that's the competitive nature in me.

The second in the poker listings $1k I came 308 out of 436 ... not too good eh?

The third was the poker listings $5K.

In this tournament I had very few cards early on and was forced to push with 89 suited and 9T suited in position and doubled up twice to get to the cash stage.

After this I waited for my hand and got KK ... not once but twice in consecutive hands. The first time it doubled me up leaving me about 20th of 33 left, the second when I raised UTG 3 x BB at $2000/$4,000 blinds ... only the BB called leaving him $18000 chips to my $13500 chips with a pot of 24,000. On a flop of 3TJ I pushed the rest of my stack and got called by his 88 only for him to hit his runner runner flush.

I think he played his hand horribly for the following reasons:

1. Why call as if to hit a set if he has such little implied odds from my stack?
2. Calling with 88 in this spot I can only see as a valid play if you are to use your first to act position to bully the pot if you do not hit your set; he did neither and checked as first to act.

3. When I go all in why does he call. Surely if he thinks he has the best hand he would lead out ... is this a valid trap play with 88 after an UTG raiser?

Should he have folded or all in preflop? I can't see a call preflop... call flop play here as great ...

However I ended up 33rd out of 701 starters.

My last was this morning, a therapeutic game with some of the free cash Party has given me. Turning a starting tournament of 194 players into a 7th place small cash.

Until Next Time

Keep it tight.

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