Friday, 18 September 2009

Where's my rake?

So far I have not earned myself rake back ...

Why not?
Well I did start late in the month so only generated $8 of rakeback. However it is a boss media term and condition that rakeback only gets paid if the rake is over $30.

I kept an eye on my account and it looked like they would roll my $8 over to the next month, however today my previous balance has been reduced to zero.

So I am now playing on the $.25 / .50 tables to see if I can generate enough rake for rakeback this month.

Once I settle into the routine I think it will pay.

One other thing about Interpoker though ... the SnG's are tough. If you Sharkscope the tourneys you will see many are in the 2-4 shark band ... best stick to the cash games I think.

Until Next Time!

Keep it tight!

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