Friday, 5 December 2008

Double up STT strategy pays off in online MTT

Well after all the double up tournaments I have been playing I was wondering whether it might be making my game weak for play in top heavy tournaments. So I entered a small Deepstack Tournament on Ladbrokes.

78 players started and after a couple of successful early moves and a button raise with 45spades making its flush on the turn to get paid off by a player that just didn't believe me I sat about 3rd with 58 left and a decent chip stack. I then proceeded to play solid and after my first AA getting beaten by a set, another AA splitting the pot with an AK all in (low straight ... who'd have thought it?) and my button raise with JJ being beaten by a short stacks all in holding KK in the BB, I sat about 15th with 17 players left (pay was to 10th).

It was at this point that I saw my predicament the same as sitting with the short stack in a double up STT and with 7 left to be knocked out to the money I basically treated the situation as if I was on the bubble already.

By carefully stealing all in from the low - mid stacks and avoiding all ins with the short and big stacks (unless I had the hands) I managed to fluctuate between 8th and last position and hold on for about 40 minutes. Other players were getting knocked out and by the time the bubble burst I had reached the final table with an incredibly short stack, but at least a reward of double my buy in for my efforts. I had a stack that would get me through the blinds once, which I decided would suffice to see if I could make a few extra dollars (there was no way I was gonna win this thing, I just wanted to maximise my return). So I got through the blinds the first time and another player obliged me by getting knocked out 10th to step me 1 up the pay ladder. A double up from the SB 2nd time around saw me through the blinds again, and to my surprise another player got knocked out on this circuit. Down to 8th! Through the blinds again and another player out this circuit putting me in 7th. I got through the blinds again and then had my A9 on the button all in called light by the BB and I was out 7th.

I am however happy that I got that far with the cards and chip stack I was left with following my good hands not realising their potential, and I feel I have to thank the double up STT's and their required strategy for my short stack play.

So back to the grind and hopefully up the levels.

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight

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