Monday, 29 December 2008

A quick round up of 2008

2008 has been a mixed poker year for me, but has finished reasonably strong giving me hope for the coming new year.

I set myself the target of playing more live tournaments in 2008 but this got lost somewhere along the way in the struggle for profits mid year. I ended up only playing at the Gala Leicester about 6 times, two of the Poker Player Championship Tourneys and the Newcastle Virgin Poker Festival.

I did play Multi Tourneys on line with the following stats:

192 entries
39 cashes of which 5 were outright wins

Total Tourney Winnings - $2,204

I had 3 break even months (negligible profit) with one losing month, all the rest with a reasonable profit for my buy in levels; however my total profits doubled during the last 4 months once I rediscovered the 10man STT. My total profits were less than last year but at least my trip to Vegas in March will be a free one and at least now I have rediscovered a bit of confidence that I seem to have lost Feb through June.

So what are my plans for 2009.

Well I definitely want to enter more live tournaments so will be targeting the GUKPT and GCGBPT sub qualifiers. I have ring fenced $400 dollars for these qualifiers, plus will be adding approx $50 per month for this purpose. I am not going to be counting this within my profit or loss for the year, it will just be written off, thus breaking my mental "don't lose my profits" chains.

I will continue to hit the 10 man STT with a view to climbing up through the buy ins, this will be my staple source of profits for the year.

I said in a previous post that I want to get a little more adventurous with my buy ins but I hold myself back mentally because of the monetary value. Well in an effort to alleviate this I am tweaking with my bank rolling methods yet again. Before I used to start each month from a balance of Zero dollars, hence when I generated profit I tended to protect it too much. So I am going to try and roll my profits over from one month to the next. This should mean that I don't scratch around at the lower levels every month as I try to get it off the zero mark. Also I intend to start 2009 by rolling in my last quarters profit from 2008, again meaning I don't start in the lower levels as I get my year going.

As always I will be posting my progress here.

So until next time

Have a good New Year and Keep it Tight!

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