Wednesday, 7 January 2009

So Far .... No Good!

I have really been looking forward to January, with an empty poker log and all the feelings of poker promise that the new year might bring. I had hit 6 months of constant profit at the end of 2008 and am feeling that 2009 might be the year I break into the higher stakes and actually achieve something.

Then the reality of poker hit home as I start with a bad run at the double up tables. Losing 7 out of the first 11, then throw in a couple of non cashing MTT and I find myself nearly $100 down on the first day!

Heeellooo! Wake up call!!!!!!

Back to the grind ....

As of today I have turned things around .... marginally .... and am now $30 in profit. Whoopee, big deal eh? But a profit is a profit and I am back in a good mood. I almost beat my record of 7 Double Up tourneys in a row when my AA got beaten by a KTs flush, that would have carried me to 11 consecutive wins given that I won the next 3. As for now my personal best stays at 7.

I have also kept to my new years resolution of playing some sub qualifiers.

So far I have played 3 GUKPT sub qualifiers on Blue Square with fields of 13, 14 and 16 with me finishing 6, 5 and 10 respectively (very disappointing).

In the second one I was going well until I raised with AT and was called by one player. The flop came down 266, I bet out heavily only to be re raised, well I thought he was at it and was pot committed anyway as he didn't have many chips left I pushed all in. He instantly called holding 66 for quads ... niiiicccccceeeee!

However I am not letting this put me off, I am signed in for another tonight (and am playing the poker player freeroll on Virgin for the Newcastle Festival), any live ticket will do.

That's all for now

Keep it Tight!

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