Sunday, 18 January 2009

Another Final Table - Titan $1K Freeroll

My second final table of the year has come from the Titan Poker website. I usually just generate a couple of points here just to get into the PokerListings $1K freeroll held every week.

The competition started with the maximum 500 players, and paid down to 50th position. Fortunately the field doesn't play as large as it seems because many of the players don't show and get blinded out. So at around the 1 hour mark, the 300 players left get whittled down to about 150 in the space of a level, and all that remains is to ensure you get your fair share of the dead money.

Nothing dramatic happened until the bubble burst. After the bubble burst my half than average short stack was pushed on a number of occasions seemingly hitting runner runner to double and triple up until I got to the final table second shortest in chips.

My final hand pushing with AQos one off the button was called by the big blind (automatic call for him with 24os) and saw him hitting the full house, I was out 10th.

My best performance in this tournament is 5th place for $60 as can be seen at this link .. Username: GTJester

This time I only won $15 ... is it worth it I hear you ask. Well it gets me a couple of pints and I can never turn down the chance to win free money .... one day I will win the $250 first prize. I also find it improves your patience as with freerolls the tendency is to play looser and hope to get lucky, I just treat these like any other tournament, and it is giving me practice.

So until next time

Keep it Tight

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