Thursday, 15 January 2009

GUKPT $109 Qualifier - Short and Sweet

I knew I was up against it here as I was trying to qualify for a GUKPT tournament just using my buy in (no rebuys, no add ons). So my strategy was to try and double up early on to keep pace with the rebuyers.

So when I first got QQ and hit my set on a rainbow flop, my hopes were high, I however lost the interest of the other player with my "first to act after pre flop raise, 1/2 pot bet".

When I got QQ for the second time and again hit my set on the flop after a pre flop raise, I had equally high hopes. The only worry here was the flop had 2 clubs on it. I again 1/2 pot bet and got a call. Club on the turn! I check, he bets the pot .... a flush bet ... didn't look like it and if it was I was going to take my chances hitting the Full House ... going with my fast strategy I went all in. He called with the flush, the board didn't pair and I was out 48th (from 51).

In hindsight I could have called his turn bet and folded when the river didn't pair the board, bet but it would still have left me next to chipless ... so on to the next sub qualifiers!

Until Next Time

Keep it Tight

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