Tuesday, 13 January 2009

At last a $109 GUKPT Satellite Ticket

Finally I have managed to get a ticket for tomorrows $109 GUKPT Satellite from tonights $5.5 rebuy sub qualifier.

I played my usual rebuy game (which is different from what all the books say but I find it works for me) and ended up having 1 rebuy and 1 add on. So after the break with 9 players left from a starting 11 (winner takes the $109 ticket and 2nd gets the $16 left overs) I had $4,900 chips which was about average.

From here I played my normal SnG strategy, until the blinds reached $300/$600 when I got incredibly lucky on the following hand!

bigalhx3 had been quite active when he raised again in the BB. After one limper and my completed SB I just thought he was on the steal. So with the 1st limper calling I thought the pot odds were pretty much the same as I was prepared to limp in with in the first place. Hoping my KJ suited was enough for the call ... call I did (pretty suspect on hindsight). When the flop came down AAJ I found it difficult to believe anyone had the A. A check from the big blind and a weak bet from the first limper sealed the deal and I went over the top with the intention of taking the pot there and then. When bigalhx3 went all in and I knew I was in bad shape, indeed I was, because he had the A. However the runner runner diamond gave me the flush and bigalhx3 must have been sick to the bones, although he took it with great composure.

This left me as chip leader with $13, 260. The next hand that would catapult me into an almost unassailable position was the following.

Dealt the beautiful AA bigalhx3 was to be the victim again, he raised UTG. When no one else called until it got to me I decided against the re raise; I was so far ahead of his starting requirement I was going to see this hand to the river regardless, so flat called. The SB folded as I expected and we were heads up. As I envisaged he popped the flop, I flat called ... he then committed himself on the turn by another bet and my all in saw him call having hit the K on the flop. The AA held up and we were down to 5 players.

From here on in I used pressure in position until we had it heads up.

Heads up lasted for 4 hands (2 of which my opponent went all in and one I folded in the SB). Fourth hand I get 99 and raise in the SB, he over the topped all in and I called with closed eyes, knowing he could have anything given the all in strategy he had adopted. To my relief I had it just about as good as it gets and won the tourney.

So far it has cost me $68.60 to get a $109 ticket, at least I haven't spent more than the ticket is worth!

So wish me luck (unless your playing against me tomorrow).

Until then

Keep it Tight

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