Thursday, 8 January 2009

First Final Table of 2009

So far this month I have entered 3 multi tournaments and tonight I entered the Ladbrokes $10 Deep Stack which had 82 entrants, paying to 10th place.

I feel I made absolutely loads of mistakes mostly from tightening up too much around the bubble. Read on!

Anyway having been whittled down to an alarmingly small stack (2,400 after the posted SB at blinds of 500/1000) and about 20 players I call 500 to see the flop with 47spades (as a list ditch hope). With 4 players in the pot the flop came down all spades. When it gets to me I shove my last 1900 into the 4,000 pot and get called by one player. Stack now at 7,800.

Same circuit I find TT. I raise 2,500 hoping to get one caller knowing that I can bet the pot with my remaining chips regardless. Anyway I end up with 2 callers, not ideal! but when the flop came 9 high I pushed as planned to get called by the button on a flush draw, dodging the flush my stack now sat at 18,100.

Blinds are raised to 1000/2000 and I have to fold both leaving me with 15,100.

On the button I get QQ. It was raised 2xBB by the UTG (which smelt a bit fishy) so I just flat called not wanting to lose my stack to a race if he was holding AK or if I was already behind. The flop came down all lower than my queens and a pot bet after his check took down the pot. Stack now at 26,100.

This is where I made a really big mistake in my opinion, I didn't play the cards, my mind played with me ... doom mongering. Same circuit UTG flat calls (he has about 16,000 behind) I have AA in 2nd position.

Did I raise 3xBB ... no!

Did I raise 5xBB ... no!

I pushed ... HA! My forehead is still sore from slapping it since. I have been on a rush and was scared they would think I was at it, scared I would get a call by a lesser hand and it would beat me. Doh ... I want someone to think I'm at it, I want someone to call me with a lesser hand.

So after that debacle I was sitting on around 31,000 chips in 5th position (to think I could have been 3rd with about a 45,000 chip stack if I'd reeled in the UTG caller).

It was shortly after this I re found another weakness in my game ... short handed play. Play proceeded with 13 people left sitting at the 6 man table and then a 5 man table for about 25 minutes and in my opinion I wasn't nearly aggressive enough ...

Anyway I reached the final table with about 25,000 chips and went out when my AQ met AK.

8th position and a small reward for what felt like a lifetime of poker ...

Note to self ... "I must try to put myself under less pressure"

Until next time.

Keep it Tight

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