Monday, 15 December 2008

Pokerstars WBCOOP 2008 - Tournament 1 - PL Omaha

I have only played Omaha twice before ... and that was because I mistakenly joined SnG's thinking they were Hold'em. Needless to say I didn't fair very well then, was today going to be better?

Well it couldn't be worse! At least today I knew that you have to use 2 of your cards from the 4 you are dealt. I gleaned this valuable information from my 15 minutes of online rules reading before going to work this morning. I also took a look at the beginners starting hand selections ...... so was going to rip it up .. LOL

Anyway after about 20 minutes and still not having played a hand, mesmerised by how many cards there are on the table, and trying to figure out the type of hands people were playing in the Nano-Second allowed at showdown. And after briefly wondering how many packs of cards Omaha is played with .... I eventually won a pot in the BB only to check it on the river with the straight ... I bet they wondered why I didn't value bet ... what a fish!

I then seemed to get in the swing of things a bit and did take my chip stack well above my starting stack for the blind level ... I took a pic below just to prove it!!! He He He ...

After this high, my uber tight starting hand requirements started to hit my stack. Couple this with mistakenly using 3 of my hole cards a couple of times and betting them off I soon stumbled upon another problem ..... what is the best starting hand to go all in with??? And is 9944 any good?

Well I eventually went all in with TTAx ... hang on I still have some chips left (DOH!!! its pot limit!!!) luckily I was re raised so I could put the remainder in. I think my hand looked good to the river ..... then the chips went to my opposition ..... HA HA!

126th out of 450

I just know what the irony of this is going to be ... this will be my highest place in all of the 5 Blogger Tourneys .... a game in which I know just marginally less than nothing about.

Anyway I did really enjoy it and will play the Omaha Hi / Lo ... OMG my head will explode.

Until next time.

Keep it Tight!

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