Wednesday, 4 February 2009

GUKPT National League not exactly what it says on the tin

I played the $5.5 rebuy for the GUKPT League and again got to the final table from 46 players having had one rebuy and an add on. Finishing 8th didn't get me any prize money (paid to 5th) but got me a further 3 points, taking me to 14 points from 5 tournaments.

Well the Blue Square web site posted the first league table (link here:

First place is sitting with 63 points .... "That's good from 10 possible tournaments" I thought. Hang on that's very good. Then I started talking to a couple of players on the table and they informed me that the casinos don't just play National League qualifying tournaments on the same day as they are held on the NET, they play almost every day. So that's a possible 16 tournaments for someone who has access to a G casino.

Even Leicester City could win the Premier league if they played twice as many games as everyone else ... well perhaps that analogy doesn't work ... but you get my point.

Couple this with one of the players saying he had 24 points up to Jan 31st (that is the date the league table is supposed to be updated to) yet his name didn't even feature, leaves me wondering whether Blue Square have gotten this one right!

This just makes the online National League tournaments a bit of fun playing players of a reasonable standard for someone who can't get to a G casino; they are superfluous ... eh!! ... to qualifying for the GUKPT tickets available.

Well I don't like lost causes so I may well be better spending my time otherwise trying to qualify for a ticket to the main events.

So for now, deflated and disillusioned.

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