Sunday, 1 February 2009

GUKPT National League - Final Table but no cash or points

Well Tuesday didn't show much in the way of the GUKPT League $5 rebuy. I sat 14th out of 37 having just had an add on at the break and was fairly happy. Then I got tied up in the hand below. What was I thinking? I had plenty of chips! This is an example of how bad I can play sometimes, but they say you don't learn unless you make mistakes, and a mistake this definitely was.

So on to the $25 league freezeout this evening (39 players starting with pays to 5).

I had only played 2 hands in the first 35 minutes and one of those was free in the BB ... this shows how card dead I was ... So when I got JJ in the Cut Off and raised 3xBB (at 30/60 blinds) it was no surprise that the chip leader and table commander re raised me in the BB, to which I just flat called. Luckily I hit a J on the K high flop and played it freaky enough to extract a further 900 chips from him with his holding of 88, even though the board paired the K with a spade showing 3 to the flush.

By the break I had still only seen 6 hands and was sitting just below average chips 15th out of 29.
5 hands in after the break I managed to double up again with JJ to take me into 3rd place .... honestly I don't just play pairs LOL.

At the second break I had managed to play a few more hands but nothing to substantially give me a chance to make a charge to the prizes, and was left sitting 8th of 12 remaining with 6500 chips.

Finally after 30 minutes of being the short stack on the 5 player table with 11 players left in the tourney the 11th player exited to give me my 4th final table of the year, unfortunately this one was yet to be a cash or league points.

It wasn't to be my night to cash as my exit hand, AQ pushed all in from early position, met with two players who both hit their sets.

I have no idea how many league points is likely to take to get you into the top 100 play off, but I already feel I will probably be well short. Still it is all practice and the next league event is Monday, so I'll be playing again then.

Keep it Tight!

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