Thursday, 21 May 2009

High Stakes Poker and Tom Dwan

Has anyone been watching the 2009 season 5 of high stakes poker?

What a series this is ... and mainly due to the excitement and variety brought to it by Tom Dwan. He is not really a talker but his game speaks louder than any words he could utter.

I can't help thinking he has more than his fair share of luck though. But you cannot question his heart, just watch the largest hand in High Stakes Poker History.

But it has got me thinking ... is Tom Dwan "The Man" of modern day poker?

So many card players have made it to the top of the game over past years. Some came and went and some passed the tests of time and are still a force to be reckoned with today. But only a few earned the reputation and title of being "The Man".

Before poker became a main stream game as it has in this internet and WSOP era "The Man" would earn his reputation. The best players would find out about anothers skill by word of mouth. Challenges would be issued. Games would start in backrooms and basements. Hours would be played and the victor would not only take the spoils, but also the prestige of an increase in notoriety.

So is Tom Dwan "The Man" of today?

Well I think he certainly is putting himself out there for the title. He is issuing the sort of challenges that are set to prove he is "The Man".

Surely he is not prepared to offer the best in the world 3-1 odds (as with his current 50,000 hand omaha match up with Patrick Antonius on Full Tilt) just to make a little more cash. These games are born out of bravado and competition. He is doing this to make a statement to the poker world that he thinks he's the best and to jocky himself into position to show he is THE force to be reckoned with in poker today. I believe he wants to be "The Man" and is doing it in a way that gets him from behind a computer screen and into the minds of players and onlookers alike.

I don't think he is a Stuey Ungar yet ... and he may never be ... but one thing is for sure ... it is going to be great watching this guy to find out.

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Keep it Tight!

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