Friday, 8 May 2009

What a busy time ... Unfortunately all work

Frimley Hall Hotel

I haven't been able to tell my arse from my elbow recently.

Been working 10 - 15hr days for two presentations .... one was to about 60 people, what a nerve wracking nightmare.

Any way they both went well.

Wednesday night (the night before the big presentation) the company I am working for put me up in a very plush hotel. Frimley Hall Hotel at £163 a night ... LOL, bit up class for me. Anyway there was a teddybear that was supplied in the room by the Hotel (a tiny little thing in a dressing gown with the logo of the hotel on it). I thought "that's nice, a free teddy bear, the girlfriend will like that!". But next to it was a letter stating that if I wanted the teddy bear it was gonna cost £10. The cheek, £163 a night and an extra £10 for a poxy teddy.

Bank holiday last week I did manage to get a round of golf in. I hadn't played for a year and before that it was probably 4 years. Suffice to say I didn't play great ... went round in 97. A far cry from the 14 handicap I used to play off.

It was a practice round for a golf society trip in June. We will be going to Skegness North Shore with a society run by Steve Cherry ... goal keeper for Notts County early 90's.

Steve Cherry ... 2nd from left (Goalkeeper).

Anyway now the work rush is over I will get back to regular posting and some Poker hopefully.

Until Next Time.

Keep it Tight!

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